West Bank spring wedding/ zaffa. #palestine #weddings #springtimeromance


West Bank spring wedding/ zaffa. #palestine #weddings #springtimeromance

Me and my rabbit ..having a lazy Sunday …

Me and my rabbit ..having a lazy Sunday …

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L-I-F-E I-S A-R-T (submitted by myvoicemyright.tumblr.com)



Life is Art 

Covered in Blood

Join me

In the dance of death and lies

Under the shy Moonlight

And the diamonds in the sky 

My soul is is seduced 

By the confused

My body is a prison

My mind is killing me

With over-thinking

My heart is stabbing me

By loving others 

With no conditions

This nightmare will end

Nature will be mad

Her raped soul

The tortured Angels  

The ugly monster 

Eating her babies

Destruction is her reaction

History is written

By the blood of innocent victims

A myth named humanity

There’s no reality

I feel empty

It feels so cold inside

Hope is the pill

That keeps me alive

With a fake smile .

Creativity is a revolution

Against this oppressing institution

i died more than once

A tragic Master piece 

Possessed with fears

His screams 

Are music to their ears 

Could not they see my tears

While making love to my inner demons ?

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Yes !!!!!  thank you so much maxmundan for posting my poem on your blog <3  <3  <3